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by Porscha Shannon 


My view comes from a review of my own Life.



11 Ways to Start Being the Best You


11. Take accountability “own your shit”

When u come face to face with your faults, Own Them! Stop pacifying yourself about decisions you made or actions you took that made things difficult for you! Once something has happened, it’s better to forgive yourself and learn from it than to hold it in secretly thinking it will go away! Find it, own it, forgive yourself and MOVE FORWARD.


10. Write It Down 

Jot down your thoughts, think about what u want! What helps you relax? What do u like to do in your spare time that can take you to a place of peace? Are you creative? Do you need to vent! Write it down! Brainstorm for an outlet.


9. Meditation 

Rather you pray or do yoga, rather you sit in a room I prefer to meditate in the morning (before coffee)

With just your most precious thought! Be grateful for the air coming in and out your body! Be grateful to feel the ground under you. Take deep breaths to inhale the positive and exhale the negativity inside of you. When you're down, you can have a clear mind  and be able to go through your day in a more calm State of Mind!


8. Talk Good to Yourself

Instead of saying “IF I can”  OR “HOW CAN I“, replace it with “I am” and “I have” Or "I will". 

Speak what you you want into existence! For example,

I am beautiful! I have the power to make my own destiny! I will have this apartment,  I will be blessed 

I will be great!  My favorite is I am in Love with me! Speaking life into yourself and things you want to do can never go wrong.




3. Protect Your Peace

It is important to watch the people you let absorb your energy. It’s also important that don’t let someone drain your energy as well! Those people friend, family, stranger whoever they are; if ur not comfortable, or if they have a negative attitude around you! They always need you but Never there when u need them. If you’re arguing with a person or you only get along every once in a while STOP! Stop putting yourself in the situation that causes your peace to be provoked! You have so much more you can do beside letting someone kill your vibe! 


2. Surround yourself with positivity!

Go around people who can motivate you, who will uplift you and show you ways to succeed! You want to be around people that want to celebrate you and can give you advice when you need it but can also tell you when you're wrong without Dragging you through the mud to make them feel better! You want to be around like minded people.


1. Be a Blessing! 

Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted! Like dropping a penny on the ground, or throwing food away or clothes! It’s ok to have a heart! It’s ok to give back but don’t do it and brag about it because it won’t mean as much maybe even less than if you did something nice from the heart without speaking on it again!!! Do it because at any time and any moment you can be the one in need and those blessing that you gave can be the only thing standing between your help or your Demise!


Well this has been PoshPoints with some amazing tips on How to embody being the best Person you can be for yourself!! In ONE Of My FAVS VOICE

“If you Don’t Love yourself, HOW THE HELL YOU GOING TO LOVE SOME BODY ELSE??!!” – RuPaul


Till next time!!! -POSH

7. Drink Spring Water 

Staying hydrated is the answer to most of our problems Skin Not Glowing DRINK WATER! STUBBORN WEIGHT WON'T GO AWAY? DRINK WATER! Bladder infection? DRINK WATER!!

Replacing soda, and juice with spring or alkaline water will change your life. TRY IT!


6. Do it By Yourself 

Don’t limit the fun in your life because people won’t participate!! Go on that trip, See that movie, Take urself somewhere nice! It’s not embarrassing to do for yourself! It the main ingredient to self love!


5. Get Some Nature!

Take a walk even if it’s cold! Get some

Fresh air! God created the elements for us to enjoy! Listen to thunder and lightning, and Touch the grass! Listen to the earth! The only things that can save the earth is the people who live on it, but we have to love ourselves enough to know how to start fixing what we have been destroying for centuries!

4. Listen More Talk less!

People will say whatever, but when you listen and not answer without negative or positive reactions, you can see who you are dealing with! What you are dealing with! It is always better to figure out what is worth talking about or speaking on before u say anything that’s why it’s best to listen first and speak last!


  Porscha Shannon 

(Model And Actress)

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We highlight the achievements of women age 21 and over. With the help of 1Love 1House TV as our media partner, we will film and include articles by selected women. Enjoy! 

Dioxins: The Facts about this Toxin in Tampons and Sanitary Pads

Feminine hygiene products are a fact of life for women. Most often, we use what our mothers used, rarely surveying the options, or the risks involved. But, as we discovered, there are risks. Conventional tampons and sanitary pads are bleached white using chlorine dioxide, which can be toxic. A woman will use as many as 17,000 tampons in her lifetime. Many are made out of a cotton and rayon blend, which must be bleached to get that clean white sterile look. While the EPA banned a more harmful bleaching process back in 1998, current elemental "chlorine-free" bleaching processes using chlorine dioxide still produce, albeit less, dioxins. The EPA's own research has concluded that dioxin exposure is linked with an increased cancer risk; and when you consider the delicate area where you're placing tampons, the cause for concern becomes even more heightened.

You can be Featured here too as a Woman Role Model. We honor women who are an inspiration to others. Contact Us For Details

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You can be Featured here too as a Woman Role Model. We honor women who are an inspiration to others. Contact Us For Details

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Owner of 1Love 1House April Discogoddess

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You can be Featured here too as a Woman Role Model. We honor women who are an inspiration to others. Contact Us For Details

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Journey To Wholeness Center 


KJ Davis, Founder & CEO

Journey To Wholeness Center

The Journey to Wholeness Center is a holistic healing and wellness center. We provide services that support the development of a healthy and balanced individual. These services focus on integrating the four main aspects of wellness.


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We are searching for women locally in every major city who have displayed acts of heroism, inspiration and mentoring. Here we highlight the achievements of women age 21 and over. This is an online magazine incorporated with 1Love 1House TV Show CANTV Chicago channel 19. With so many negative images of women on social media, magazines and especially television, we need to remind people of how important women are to society. We reject reality television shows that degrade women. Beauty WithIn Magazine has a mission to honor women role models throughout America and in 2017 throughout the world. We have started campaigns in Chicago and California, searching for women who want to be recognized as an inspiration to others. The process to register and be interviewed, please email OR call7737909655 Fan page

Enjoy the photos of the Beauty WithIn Magazine Launch Party in Chicago South side. Thanks for your support. Let's Celebrate Women Role Models!

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Adrienne Hughes-Jackson & Brittany Hughes Mother & Daughter Owners of Elegant Behavior, Body Care Products @elegantbehavior Instagram Twitter Facebook

Ophelia Uke, Soul Empowerer and Motivational Advocate, is the CEO of Soul Empowerer Enterprise. Empowerer Conference Looking For Speakers and Vendors Aug 2017.

Role Models Selected

April Stoner Actress/Model

An ordained Prophetess chosen by God April Stoner, she is a mother, actress, model, inspirational speaker well loved and active in her community.


However, her life’s path to success and finding Christ has come with many challenges, beginning at the early age of thirteen. April’s mother envisioned her daughter becoming an actress/model at the age of twelve and began pursuing her daughter’s career, a career that April would soon rebel against. Her rebellious behavior would lead her to the streets and at the age of thirteen April was introduced to drugs. Over the next three years April would become a product of her environment, drinking alcohol, dealing drugs, sexually active, stealing cars, going to nightclubs and by age 16 April was experimenting with cocaine.


But by God’s grace and mercy, April’s Beloved brother who lived with their father was determined to introduce April to Christ. After several failed attempts trying to persuade April to attend church with him, they finally came to an agreement. She made a promise that if her brother would go to the nightclub with her then she would go to church with him.


Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, a 16 year old April Stoner sat in church with her beloved brother as the Pastor spoke the words that would change her life forever. Her walk with Christ has not come without heartache trial and tribulation. Surviving domestic abuse, divorce and homelessness as a single mother with her 5 beautiful daughter’s, it is by her faith that she is still standing. April Stoner supports the “Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence” as her donation charity. Inspirational speaker, model and actress, April Stoner has had roles in such box office hits as The Fast and the Furious 8, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, upcoming films The Leisure Seeker, The Haves and The Have Nots, Lifetime Network series, Scratch the Runway Fashion show, and many more. Quote: “...your past has been erased and your sins have been forgiven by one touch of the blood of Jesus…”

Cynthia R. Bennett CEO/Founder of This Journey Ministries


This Journey Ministries is a non profit, 501 (c )3 social service agency for abused women and children since June 2002. She is the Chief Editor of a digital magazine called "This Journey Online" which is a tool for women and children to tell ‘their’ story as well as those who want to encourage others through poems, self- helps, artistry, and articles; giving everyone the opportunity to speak out and help someone as well as themselves. Ms. Bennett spearheads their annual community-wide 3K 5K Run/Walk called JADASA which stands for Journey Against Domestic And Sexual Abuse and is their ‘branding’ name for the entire organization. This event is to raise awareness of the epidemic and open up the line of communication between businesses, civic organizations, churches and the community to provide resources to families. Ms. Bennett's organization also partners with local schools. She provides many opportunities to educate, edify and empower. This year she will launch a new show called ‘SHEMOTIONS LIVE’ on social media. This show will highlight various groups of women from the community to come together and discuss topics that can "help build each other, our children, our men and our community".

Cynthia R Bennett is a dynamic conference speaker who ministers and empowers in women conferences, community events, shelters and local area colleges. She is raising awareness to help women to rise above their circumstances and see greater within themselves. She knows all too well about abuse, being a survivor herself. She says abuse knows no boundaries and understands the fears of this epidemic and the need to have a support system in place. JADASA with This Journey Ministries is crossing all of those boundaries to help those in need to fight abuse head on. Her Quote: "Everybody Has a Story That Can Change Somebody's Life"

Jamila ChoyceChoyce TV


Courbee’ Revolucion Magazine

In The Words of Jamila:My positive influence over people is being a person who displays the importance of integrity and have a foundation of moral character. I have high expectations for myself as well as others around me.I believe that God has given me a platform to help and assist others. Many times people take my kindness for weakness or my silence as an opportunity to control me. I am a thinker and a talker. I let my deeds show by their actions. Therefore, I created and In addition, I have Jamila Jay's Fashions, and Courbée Revolucio’n Magazine advante garde international beauty and fashion. I just want to give 100% to the projects aforementioned. I am a person of integrity not with motives or hidden agendas. I really enjoy helping the models I work with on - making their dreams come true. There is not a great deal of opportunities for us. That’s how I feel I help others.

Kayl May is The Customer Service and Leadership Coach with Bottom Line Customer Experience Management, LLC. She grows and place leaders in businesses by training all ages on customer service techniques that enhances the customer's experience which she says is the best way for the business to increase the company's bottom line. She does this through virtual and classroom trainings, site visits, and secret shoppers. Kayl is a mentor of 50+ young adults and 6 teenagers which fulfills her passion of helping others grow into their greatness personally and professionally. Kayl is a Motivational Speaker inspiring others to rise up and reach higher level in all areas of life

Kayl Renee' May
Radio Personality, Speaker, Author, Mentor
The Customer Service and Leadership Coach

My major accomplishments thus are in the acting and modeling industry. My determination is to create opportunities for models and actors who do not fit in the norm of Hollywood's or main stream America standards of beauty. Meaning that an actor/model does not have to be a size 0, with a DD bra size with blonde hair to be a valuable artist in this industry.

Her Quote: People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.


She is the host of her own show on FB Live and Periscope once a month at 3 p.m. "On Front Street With Kayl May" which is a "Round Table" discussion on a different topic with 3 different co-hosts. She broadcasts every Wednesday on Periscope giving tips on Leadership, Customer Service, and Entrepreneurial Inspiration. Kayl advertises all shows in front of 2400+ supporters worldwide and have the broadcast marketed on all social media platforms that she utilizes. She is a Radio Personality with two shows. The 1st is "Success Radio" with 3 other awesome ladies every 2nd Sunday discussing important topics to help rise up our communities. The 2nd show is "Messages Of Love" everything love and relationships. Both shows are hosted by The FlaVoreAideRadioShow on instinct radio. Kayl also hosts a live forum along with her co-host from "Success Radio" "The Movement Forward-Lets Stop The Violence" quarterly. Lastly, Kayl has a book about her life story titled "The Unveiling Of A Mask" subtitled "A Love Kissed By God's Own Lips". Her Quote: "Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Kayl May Rise Up Reach Higher
Website: Http://KaylMayTheCustomerServiceCoach.Info
Instagram & Periscope KaylRMay
Social Media:



Felisia Gladney Founder of Damani Ministries, Motivational Speaker, Addictions Counselor Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant 708-505-9410

Felisia Gladney shares herself with many ministries such as: Dope Chic But Holy Chic, Damani Ministries (Founder), Couples Ministry, Women Divine, Wives United in Prayer and Embracing Your Future. She is also an inspirational singer. Felisia focuses on uplifting the African American family, marriages and children. She encourages people to pursue careers that are prestigious and not settle for a typical career or job as an African American. Felisia says, “There are many successful black marriages but again media and society want you to believe that it doesn’t exist. Without God, we are nothing and I ask God to show me who to pray for and give them what they need.” Felisia has come to the aide of her nieces and nephews by allowing them to live with her, get into college and GRADUATE. She has helped many children in the Department of Child & Family Services find their biological families or be successfully adopted by loving foster parents. Her Quote: God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Sharonda Grandberry

Sharonda Grandberry United States Army & Professional Model Your Heart Desires Women’s Group First, let’s thank Sharonda Grandberry for her military service. Sharonda had to overcome obstacles of her mother being bipolar and her father committing suicide. She was called names as a child and became to internalize that so much that she is still “growing accustomed to” compliments of being beautiful. In determination of proving her family wrong, she set out to show the world that she was meant for greatness and that God loves her by graduating high school with honors! A true testament that dedication pays off. Five days after graduation, she enlisted in the United States Army “in hopes of finding shelter for my weary soul” says Sharonda. She is married with precious twin daughters and a son. Sharonda has assisted a college student financially and taught her how to raise more funds. This year, she hosted her first annual “SHOP FOR TOTs” event in Huntsville Alabama on November 19, 2016. SHOP FOR TOTs is a systematic approach for people to purchase items with toys via tickets that benefits “Toys For Tots”. She allowed patrons to bring new/unopened toy(s) in exchange for tickets to shop. Her dream is to travel the world, inspire women to look past obstacles, believe in themselves and go for their dreams. Sharonda has worked tirelessly to “love the skin I am in”. She believes God has never forsaken her. Her Quote “I have learned that beauty truly isn’t skin deep”.

I share my real life struggles and pain with the world. I am someone intimately familiar with adversity as many, but I found a path to rise above it and want to share that with the world! I want to represent possibilities, represent an idea that change can and success can happen for everybody regards of what you may have to overcome. I feel I am a link from the past and will be the link to their future. I believe the more you help others, people will help you, helping others things will create positive change and this will change you. So stop waiting on tomorrow because it may never come, go out and make it happen create your life. Don’t let your dreams and gifts die with you. The world needs you! There is never a time limit in turning your life around. Take back your life! I encourage you to transform! The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire! God has put the seed of greatness within everyone. Her Quote: A new life comes with new daily choices which require change, Once we decide to make a choice to take a chance to create a change we are Truly Unstoppable! “The Most Power Weapon On Earth is The Human Soul on Fire!”

Today, I am proud community activist a successful business woman I am a Project Manager for an International Diabetes Research Center where I travel around the world. I am a Certified Motivational Speaker and a Television Talk Show -Host on Community Concerns with Celia Colón: on 1LOVE 1HOUSE TV CHANNEL 19 CANTV AND WEBSITES ON WWW.1LOVE1HOUSETV.COM

I have the potential of reaching 2.8 million viewers!!
This show will become the voice of the underserved communities. This show will be a resource tool for the community. We will discuss issue and concerns plaguing their community. I believe those closer to the problem are those closer to the solution? We will gather and find solution to problems together as a community. It is time to rise and organize to help connect people with proper resources. Take back our communities and make them strong and supportive amongst the people living in that community
I am working on a book at this present time it is a tool that I am creating to help people for any one that feels lost overwhelmed with life and needs some assistants starting over. It will help create a well-balanced personal development plan. It is a tool that will help you break down long and short-term goals and teach you how to incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for your future. Reflect on your past and act on the present.

Celia Colon


LaSada Lloyd

LaSada Lloyd Actress, Model, Spoken Word Artist: LaSada Lloyd has been performing throughout the Southeastern region since 2005 as an actress, model and spoken word artist. LaSada served as the Youth Drama Director for Bread of Life Christian Center from 2004-2009. She performed in many plays and stage productions. LaSada recently performed a Spoken Word piece entitled, “Our Story” at the Sharon Jones’ Show Women’s Empowerment Conference. It brought the house down! She is currently working on an upcoming play, Unconditional Love. She has been casted as a lead character in UnderCover Detective TV Series produced by 1Love 1House TV. LaSada is super excited to be part of a huge project where she is casted as Ms. High Self-Esteem America which will become a national film. This project will allow her to support Domestic Abuse and Black History, her two-sided platform. 

LaSada Lloyd has been a positive influence in her children’s lives as well as with cousins, church, school and neighborhood friends. She raised her children in a Christian home, sent them through college, bought vehicles, visited a nursing home monthly, went on family trips included neighborhood children and led them by example all as a single mother. LaSada went through several family tragedies but through it all I never lost my faith and trust in God. The biggest tests came in 2016 when she lost her mother, one of her homes and her job! The enemy was trying to destroy her, but God stepped in and carried her. She never lost her praise! LaSada completed Performing Arts school and earned her certification. She continues to support her community by volunteering locally for various social and civic organizations. “God is faithfully making a way out of no way; I will continue to trust in Him”! Her Quote: Be blessed by blessing someone else.

Kimberly L. Burrell

Kimberly L. Burrell Black Women United Vice President Beauty Within Magazine Columnist: Kimberly L. Burrell was inspired to become a positive influence in the lives of so many due to the unfortunate death of her precious son, Darryl Jr. This should have destroyed her but God made a way for her to reach back to other women suffering from the same situation. This took impenetrable strength and courage. Two years after the death of her son, she created a nonprofit organization called "Project Take It Off'. Kimberly holds quarterly vision board parties there. She invites different speakers to come and talk with the women. She holds self -esteem classes at the Philadelphia Library to inspire and uplift women. There has been certain situations where Kimberly refers women to a Life Coach who have graciously given them free sessions. That is incredible what support and compassion can accomplish. 

Kimberly is the Vice President of a nonprofit entitled "Black Women United" which she also teaches self-esteem and self-empowering techniques. Their first conference was held in July 2016 and it was “simply amazing”. Kimberly says, “I truly believe this my calling in life to help other women see their value as mothers, as wives and most importantly as women, no matter the obstacles placed before them”. These are just some of the reasons why Kimberly L. Burrell is an inspiration to women. She says, “Overcoming a tragedy like the death of a child helped me see the value of life itself”. Her Quote: Evolution Must Occur

Tina L. Adams-Turnipseed Owner of TSEED Executive Productions & Extravagant Events State Director of Black Women Networking for Missouri and Illinois. Tina L. Adams-Turnipseed has influenced many people with her energetic motivation. No matter what she is working on, she devotes time to help many people. She is known to have an open heart and willingness to help people on their projects, their businesses and talents. Tina has a huge positive impact on those who works with her and her friends. When you have a reputation of being a blessing and pulling out the best skills in people, you become a source of inspiration to everyone. Tina stands with you in strength and encourages the best outcomes for everyone. Her spirit is contagious and she leaves a footprint on everyone she encounters. She truly influences everyone to give their best. 

Tina L. Adams

Tina has influenced people to make their dreams a reality and make time to focus on their goals. When someone need an ear to discuss personal relationships, they can send a message and she's going to respond to them according to the Word of God and her own experiences. Tina is recognized as “a mother, wife, business woman, friend and colleague like no other” says a friend. “Continue to allow your light to shine, so that others will want to live by your example and make a change in their life” says a friend. Her quote “Be The Change You Want To See”

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