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Role Models Selected

“Never give up. Stay strong”.

Overcame the struggles of being a teenage mom. Constantly motivates children to never give up "no matter what". As a dedicated mother, she proves you can stay strong and work towards your goals. Mrs. Howell-Gilmore organizes STOP THE VIOLENCE events and teaches a youth dance class. Currently enrolled in school to major in Business. Beauty Within honors Kimberly Howell-Gilmore.

Kimberly Howell-Gilmore

Professional Model that has a long history of volunteerism that includes: Volunteers at Markham, IL Public Library, Serves as Secret Santa for children on the South side of Chicago, Delivers donations to a women’s shelter, Volunteers at the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk, Volunteers for Diabetes Walk/Run in Midlothian, IL. All of these selfless acts has won her the Cook County Sheriff Youth Service Medal of Honor in 2014. Jillian gains strength and encouragement from her loving mother who lost her life due to Lupus. She continues to celebrate life in spite of difficulties and wants to mentor young models. Her quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain”. Jillian is a very inspiring young lady who exudes beauty within and without. She is a Beauty Within Magazine Role Model.

Jillian Mone’t Lee

Motivates people daily with inspirational quotes posted on Facebook. People respond thanking her for saying the right things at the right time. You can really make a difference in someone’s life by offering words of encouragement and support. People tell her they now see “the positive things in life”. Marion is involved in the Inspirational Training Program to uplift young mothers. Her quote: “I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her”.

Marion Morris

Mentor * Speaker * Model * Performing Artist Ms. Worldwide Illinois ambassador for LIVE OUT LOUD CHARITY. Crowned March 2015. Her platform is suicide intervention, depression awareness, grief and loss support. She worked in social services for 8 years advocating for homeless women and children. You can find her performing every 2nd Saturday at Kusanya Café located at 865 W. 69th St. near Green St. Her quote: One change makes way for the next, giving us the opportunity to grow – Vivian Buchen

Angel Simmons

Regina P. McKinney

Nationally Known Master Healer


Mentors young ladies and have saved some of their lives by giving sharing her own her home. This allowed young ladies to develop into mature successful women with PhDs. Regina have rescued these women and changed their lives in order for them to fulfill their dreams. She knows what struggle means because she overcame homelessness and continues to mentor young ladies. Regina networks with the Secretary of State of Great Britain. Currently involved in a documentary that focuses on her being a nationally recognized Master Healer. There are no heights she can’t reach. Her quote: Do your best. Nothing is too big!

Barbara Williams

Works as a Clinical Research Coordinator and promotes a healthy eating lifestyle. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and encourages people to join her with the healthy eating choices and advice posted on her facebook page daily. Barbara uses the Facebook platform to post meal preps, exercise tips and educational material. She volunteers to teach people how to lose weight naturally without surgery. By improving your diet, it will help improve your health especially if you are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical issues, Barbara believes. (Quote) Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people - Eleanor Roosevelt

Super Mom – Queenism Model, Travel Business Owner & Teen Parent worker for IAFC Stacy Tolar has been a positive influence in the lives of several young people and adults. She constantly encourages her clients to finish school. She provides parenting classes and follow up on each of them on her own time. Stacy mentors young ladies through the sport of cheerleading by building up their “leadership, teamwork and self worth”. Works for: IL Action for Children & KAOS – Keeping Adolescents Off Street. Stacy knows how to connect them with their purpose and passion. Her Quote: Bound By God’s Words Only!

Stacy Auset Tolar

Rhonda Brignac

At an early age, cared for Great Grandmother who was severely ill. She is a constant caregiver for her mother as she is ill also. Rhonda has even been there for her friend with three children. She allowed her family to live with her for free. Rhonda volunteers at the RTW Veterans Center, giving a helping hand to her community. Rhonda also gives of herself to the Big Sisters/Little Sisters organization by mentoring and showing support for young ladies. She even completed a pharmacy tech program while pregnant. The strength she has is surpassing. Look out for her book on Amazon, “The Essence of Being an Urban Woman”. Rhonda dreams of opening a shelter for women and children. She is enriching the lives of so many people and that is what a Beauty Within Role Model is all about. (Quote) The Love For You Is Unconditional.

Aja Wiley 

Aja Wiley has been a mentor for over 3 years and she continues. She mentors young girls between the ages of 10-18. Aja Wiley has been on the Executive Board of SisterNation Inc. Mentoring program. Currently works as a Facilitator of the Smart Girls program through the Boys and Girls club of Northwest Indiana. Aja Wiley is a member of Toast Masters International and Board member for AFSCME Council 31 Local 1178. This Beauty Within Role Model constantly gives back while she cares for her own 3 children. She believes that mentoring other children helps strengthen her own children’s relationship. That is very insightful! Join her Facebook page for "The Sister Experience " geared toward encouraging, uplifting and networking for women. Women are allowed to post daily inspiration, affirmation and information. Her Quote: Envy doesn’t become of me. The only person I strive to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

Annette Gibson

Annette Gibson is a Phenomenal Woman. Throughout all the tragedies, she comes out of the struggle triumphant and brilliantly shining. Annette is a single parent raising 3 children while working 3 jobs at the same time. She constantly strives to show her children a better life. Coming from a family with 6 siblings and a mother who was too ill to work, Annette has accomplished a lot for herself and her children. She is an actress and currently works as a very dedicated Nurse Assistant. Annette’s sons are hard working men and her daughter attends nursing school. This is because Annette is a devoted mother and determined to provide the best life she possibly can for her children. Phenomenal Woman! Her quote: Treat me the way you want to be treated.

Quinniya Hearn

Quinniya Hearn is a homeless survivor who is taking her career upward beyond belief. She has entered the modeling and acting industry with great success. Quinniya speaks to various organizations to inspire people, especially women to persevere in their time of struggle. She visits various shelters spreading the same empowering message. Quinniya maintains a relationship with the women she met in the shelter offering them words of encouragement and uplifting them to stay focused on their careers. She motivates them to stay in school and even provides them with school supplies and financial assistance out of her own pockets. Women thank her constantly for her commitment to service. On a personal note, Quinniya reached out to a woman that was wandering away from home and lost name Louise Crawford, an 82 year old suffering from Alzheimers. She guided her back home and Ms. Crawford’s niece said, “She could have easily ignored her but she didn’t”. You can catch Quinniya on a stage acting, a runway modeling or in your community making an impact in the lives of many. Her Quote: Love yourself eternally.

Cynette Grubbs encourages people to love themselves and their bodies. Love and nurture your body as it is. As a plus size model, Cyn advocates for body positivity and self-acceptance. She is slaying the runway for numerous fashion designers in Chicago. You can always catch her making the stage her own. Cyn overcame childhood issues about being plus size and teaches others how to handle rejection. She attended many workshops including “Curve Culture” to develop self-esteem and through life skills is the embodiment of confidence. We honor you Cynette Grubbs. Her Quote: Conquer With Confidence!

Cynette “Cyn” Grubbs

Adrienne Hughes-Jackson

& Brittany Hughes

Adrienne Hughes-Jackson & Brittany Hughes Their motto is “Inspiring Women in Faith, Fashion & Flair”. They are passionate about sharing their story with others and encouraging women to pursue their dreams, regardless of the dream! They were the keynote speakers at a “Mommy & Me” Tea in April 2016 hosted by Debutante D.I.V.A.S. In July 2016, they were also speakers at a summer camp hosted by Evolving Diva Inc. They are in the process of planning two annual events, “Let’s Talk Woman 2 Woman” conference for April 2017 and “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” for June 2017, this event we will host a luncheon for women from a local shelter. These women will receive resume writing assistance, selection of clothing for interviews and makeup techniques. This Mother & Daughter duo are uplifting women and motivating them to become entrepreneurs. They are owners of Elegant Behavior, body care products, Editor and Style Writer for “Bold & Savvy Magazine”. Their Quote: Inspiring Women in Faith, Fashion & Flair

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