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4 Chicago Detectives

1 Male PUD 

Family Members & Friends


3 Male PUDs

Family Members & Friends

Orlando Daytona Beach Jacksonville Florida:

Full Cast

North Carolina, South Carolina

Full Cast

Undercover Detective TV Series Cast: 




The Righteous Ones:

Chandra Smartt Spicer as CHANTAL

Sharissa O'connor as Peaches, Chantal’s Kitty (new cast member)

Shoshonia Finley as Lady Fire 

Crystal Brown as FBI Agent Holly Wood & Chantal's Kitty

Lateef Williams as Vincent DuPont, PUD (5 Episodes)

Chantelly Johnson as Ziva Chanel, Chantal's Kitty 

James Ferrell as Frost, PUD (4 Episodes)

David Je as Cho, PUD (5 Episodes)

Luevennia M. Wells as Peaches, Chantal’s Kitty (4 Episodes)

Sherell Brown as Masika, Chantal’s Kitty (2 Episodes)


Darryll Keith Lloyd as Big G, PUD

Lamont Metcalf as Menace, PUD (Temp)

Chicago Law Enforcement

Clifton Williams as Chgo Chief of Police Warren Armstrong (new cast)

Ogie Iyahen as Det Ekon Odili aka STORM (new cast)

Mario Alberts as Chicago Police Chief Warren Armstrong (Temp)

Roger Washington as Det. Ekon Odili aka STORM

Lamont Metcalf as Det. Ace Armstrong

Tony Wynn as FBI Agent Osiris

Darren Elliot Fulsher, Captain Morgan

Titus Gunn as FBI Agent Osiris (new cast member) Sharissa O'connor as Peaches and  Detective Lola Barris (new cast member)

Maurice Jones - Stage Name Lennox Blu as FBI Agent John Adebisi (new cast member)

Roy Jackson as Detective Joseph Brennan (new cast - temporary)


LaValle Jackson as Det. Larry Logan (2 Episodes)


Chicago Clients

Phillip Noffz as Dr. Johnathon Hightower, Client

Sri Kumar as Dr. Aamil Kumar, Client

Rozlyne Prince as Dr Elaine Johnson, Client 

Addn’l Chicago Cast

Nastasha Michon as GiselleDivine

Tyisha Williams as Victoria Armstrong aka Layla the Entertainer

Cathy McDonald Dolton as Penny, Frost's Girlfriend 

Lazarus Fleming as Brian, Penny's  Nephew 


Dawanna Connor as Elise Logan, wife of Det. Logan (2 Episodes)

Medina Rowell Rau-Stathakos as Roberta Ryan, Peaches’ Mother

Felecia Young as Ms Valentina, Ex of STORM

Michelle Williamson as Issa Odili, Sister of Ekon Odili

Jonathon Fahlsing as Jack Hoffe, Fiance of Issa

Deandre Taylor as Ajamu Odili, Storm’s son

Brittany Wade as Simone Davenport


Child Actors:

Kayla Holloway as Carlotta, daughter of Chief Warren

Ayanna Necklace as Nailah, daughter of Det. Ekon Odili

Daisha Green as Maria Odili

Gregory AJ Michon as Justice Odili

Alicen Felder as Cassidy Odili, daughter of Ms Valentina and Storm



The Righteous Ones:

Kimberly Blue as Rayna, Chantal’s Kitty

Caprie Powell as Bella Chantal's 

 Kitty (2 episodes)

Janeisia Jefferson as Bella Chantal's Kitty

James Jhmo Price as Jhmo Osakwe, PUD 

Tuesday Everyday Martin as Anna Grant, Chantal’s Kitty

Sherita Sexton as Olufemi, Chantal’s Kitty

Tenichi Garner as Kamau, PUD

Malcolm Colston (Charlotte) as HEAT, PUD 

Matthew Hester as Pressure, PUD

Laquita Wiggins Heggs as Masika Chantal's Kitty

​Cleavandor Wright as Nigel Stone, Chantal's Coordinator


Damara Jones as Det. Akanni Aje

Halas Wilbourn as Det JARETT

Mark Hickman as Det. Spencer Barrington

JNichole Willis  – Wife of Det. Spencer Barrington

Devin Pandy as FBI Agent Victor Blackwell

Charles McIntosh (filmmaker) Atlanta Chief of Police BabaTunji  



Tyler Jackson as Lance Severe, Client

Greg Wave as Axel Stern, Client

Laura Palau as Julia Stern, Axel’s wife

Atlanta Cast:

Jameira Moore as Shukura

Tiara Greene – Summer, Bella’s Sister

JNicolle Wills as Elizabeth Barrington, Ex Wife of Det. Spencer Barrington

Tasha Brown (former) Chenetha Lindsey (current) as Ms. Jamaica, Bella’s Estranged Mother

Lorraine Magee as Natalie Uptown, friend of Ms Jamaica 

Mike Sharpe as Nathan Strong, Bella's brother 

Teen Actors

Brittany Collier, daughter of a Police Officer 

Josalin Joseph as Skylar Dalitso, sister of Rayna 

Calypso Cook as Sasha, friend of Sylar 

FL Cast
Elisa Guajardo is Alejandra Adelita
Grace Connaughton is Carmen Adelita (sister),
Cody Skeels is Alvin Lime (brother of the missing)

Michelle Fitzpatrick as Kukula

Undercover Detective TV

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FL Cast
Elisa Guajardo is Alejandra Adelita ChantalsKitty,
Grace Connaughton is Carmen Adelita (sister),
Cody Skeels is Alvin Lime (brother of the missing)

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